Physical and Biological Information


Compared to the ornithological situation in the deltas of other European rivers, the Ambracian Gulf is rich in birdlife (both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective). There are 67 species of birds in the region that are protected by EEC Directive 79/409 and described as endangered in Europe (such as pelicans and glossy ibis). This gives the region high ornithological value. This assessment is supported by the fact that species which are rare [such as: Black-winged stilt and Stone curlew] in other areas can be found in the region.

Nesting species
Anas platyrhynchos Pelican Fulica atra
Ardea cinerea Egretta garzetta Ardeola ralloides
Vanellus vanellus Common Redshank Gallinago gallinago
Gallinula chloropus Goose Anas crecca
Anas querquedula Aythya ferina Anas penelope
Anas acuta Anas clypeata Netta rufina


The fish of the Ambracian Gulf and the rivers are the same as those found in all the river deltas in Greece and are mentioned below:

Seawater fish
Sardine Sprat Eel
Natrix spp. Garfish Sand smelt
Common grey mullet Grey mullet Golden grey mullet
Leaping mullet Seabass Common dentex
Gilt-head bream Pandora Striped sea bream
Annular sea bream Bogue Red mullet
Striped red mullet Horse mackerel Wrasse
Tentacled blenny Goby Common sole
Plaice Dolphin (mammal) -