Carnival Wedding in Rizovouni

Place: Rizovouni, Thesprotiko Municipality (distance from Preveza: 41 km)
Time of the year: last Saturday of Carnival
Info: 2683 0 31205


This is an amateur performance representing a traditional wedding in the carnival context satirizing wedding ceremonial customs and some rather unromantic aspects.

It takes place in the village square where the members of the Rizovouni Cultural Association are dressed up as the main characters of the wedding: the bride, the groom, the relatives by marriage, the priest and the rest of the relatives. Several incidents happen such as the fact that the bride is pregnant, or the mother-in-law inspects the dowry... At the end of the wedding, the bride walks up to the guests (the audience attending the event), picks up the men and kisses them. Then the masqueraded policemen “arrest” the bride’s lover, who has to pay a fine to be set free.