Sarakatsan Gathering in Winter Quarters

Place: On the Preveza-Ioannina National Road at Flampoura of Preveza Municipality
Time of the year: end of August
Event: Sarakatsans' gathering in winter quarters
Info: Ch. Paschos (6973029905) - P. Barka (69735...)


In a lush tree-planted area on the side of the Preveza-Ioannina national road at the boundaries of the Flampoura Municipal District, a specially arranged spot has been devoted to the 'Sarakatsan Pen in Winter Quarters', a representation of a traditional Sarakatsan settlement including all the necessary equipment and household items in use at those times. Two-day events are held on the site in late August.

The Sarakatsans, a nomadic tribe which abandoned the nomadic way of life after the end of World War II and the semi-nomadic respectively in just recent decades, represents a great part of the population of the Preveza Prefecture, as Preveza was one of the places where they stopped to spend the winter.

With a view to collecting, preserving and promoting all elements of their identity, traditions and lifestyle, the Sarakatsan Association of the Preveza Prefecture aims to transform the Sarakatsan Pen into an open-air museum where the visitor may wander around and familiarise themselves with the facilities, objects and tools, and through them to learn about the way of life and everyday occupations of this once nomadic tribe.

The site was inaugurated in the summer of 2008 offering the opportunity to the public (reaching up to 3,000 people) to get to know the Sarakatsans through their traditions, mores and customs.

In 2010, the Sarakatsan Gathering will take place on 21 and 22 August.

The site is open to visitors every Sunday from 8:00 to 13:00.