Place: Louros Municipality (distance from Preveza: 25 km)
Time of the year: July – August
Info: 2682 3 60500


A series of cultural events which take place in the Louros municipality, both in the main town and its surrounding districts.

These events start in July and finish at the end of August. They are organised mainly by the Municipality in collaboration with the area’s cultural clubs. They include nights with folk music and feasts at Louros, Goura springs, Skiadas and Stefani, folk dancing, choral groups and theatre plays. We also note the Amateur Cycling Race which started in 2001 and attracts participants of all ages. It takes place in July and starts from Avassos, finishing at Louros Town Square. The Philharmonic Festival, where the local philharmonic orchestra performs along with guest groups, occurs during the same period.