Sardine Festival in Preveza

Place: Preveza
Time of the year: first August weekend
Info: 26820 29917 - 26820 25325


The Sardine Festival started around 1975 and is usually held in the first weekend of August. In recent years, it has been held in the courtyard of Agios Andreas Castle. The event is part of the Preveza Municipality's festival 'Nikopolia'.

Since sardine constitutes a local product fished in the waters of the region, it is natural and reasonable to dedicate a festival to it. On the day of the Sardine Festival, 2 tons of sardines are grilled and wine is distributed for free. This event constitutes a highlight for the region as 15,000 people attend it every year. Besides enjoying grilled sardines and wine, visitors may enjoy themselves dancing to the music of a live band.