Preveza Festival (Nikopolia)

Place: Preveza
Time of the year: June until the beginning of September
Info: 26820 25325, 2682029919


This is the most important festival of the Prefecture of Preveza and has a history of more than 45 years. It is a series of cultural events which are held throughout the summer (June - beginning of September).

The Nikopolia festival features multiple shows and exhibitions covering all forms of art.

THEATRE: The majority of the country’s municipality district theatres and large theatre companies which travel the country give performances in Preveza. Their repertoire ranges from tragedies and comedies (both ancient and modern) to classical plays; and from works of modern authors to children’s plays. The shows are held at the Municipal Garden Theatre with the exception of a few performances given at the Ancient Odeon of Nikopolis.

MUSIC: This part features concerts with both Greek and international music performed by bands or orchestras including Greek folk and traditional music, modern Greek music, classical music, jazz nights, and rock or ethnic concerts. Usually the festival hosts one or two grand events with renowned foreign music bands, part of the “world musicians”, and many other less known groups.

DANCE – MOVEMENT: Traditional dances from local and non-dance societies, classical ballet and modern dance from amateur and professional groups.

VISUAL ARTS: Painting exhibitions or hand-made artwork created mainly by local artists are held from July until the beginning of September at the open-market area.

One additional event of the Nikopolia is the Sardine festival which we will describe later on. The Dance Schools and the Auditoriums of the town also participate in parallel events held during the festival. The main venues hosting the cultural events are the Municipal Garden Theatre and Pantokratoras Castle as well as various parts of the town such as the courthouse square, the central market, Androutsos Square and so on.