Agios Georgios Castle

The castle is named after the church of Agios Georgios which had previously existed there.


Around the same time (1807-1808), Ali Pasha also built, following the designs of the French colonel F. F. Guillaume de Vaudoncourt, the Yeni Kale (New Fort), situated at the south exit of the city’s moat to the sea, at a distance of less than one kilometer south of the castle of Pantokratoras with its active front facing the interior of the gulf.

The fortification wall, preserved almost entirely, follows the shape of the enclosed yard, with an inclination, constituting a characteristic sample of Ali Pasha’s fortifications: it is equipped with bastions which fortify the northern side, where the gate of the fort also is, while to the south the wall develops an irregular triangular form before it ends in another large bastion of irregular shape to the side facing the entrance to the gulf.